10 Favorite Things about Ecuador

10 Favorite Things

1. An abundance of flowers...especially the roses!
2. Unusual foods with questionable parts in my soup.
3. The indigenous with colorful ethnic clothing.
4. Animated, excited and interested Ecuadorians.
5. Romantic music and men with "hearts on their sleeve".
6. Jungle creatures and huge cascading waterfalls.
7. Everyday politeness and friendliness.
8. Inexpensive living and travelling.
9. No money exchange needed - they use the U.S. dollar.
10. Rooms for $5-$10 with waterfall views/cable TV.

10 Least Favorite Things

1. Bus drivers,(like gods),who control the toilet key.
2. High altitude, thin air, and only one alpaca blanket
3. Rice and potatoes, all at the same meal.
4. Potholed roads, with slow repairs.
5. Losing my way in Quito, smelling auto fumes.
6. Getting adapted to the altitude, huffing and puffing.
7. Laundry shops that stole my best underwear.
8. Bug bites that itched and drove me a bit nuts at night.
9. Bungalows perched on stilts in pitch black darkness.
10. Monkeys bandits who pounce on me and grab my glasses.

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Sandi said...

You didn't mention the driving "skills" of the taxi drivers! LOL!